20 Signs You’re Becoming an Adult

  1. You’re in a new committed relationship with bills, bills, bills.
  2. Your new bedtime is 11 o’clock or earlier. Every. Night.
  3. Your despised condiments from childhood are now your favorites (mine are sour cream and mustard).
  4. Your shoes are nothing without orthopedic insoles now.
  5. Your body makes funny noises from all the new aches and pains that pop up.
  6. You’re getting better acquainted to true caffeine sources like coffee and tea.
  7. Your cravings now include things like salad, vegetables, and fruit.
  8. You’re stoked to cook things in a crock pot because it’s so easy.
  9. Your new best friend to take shopping is a little thing called coupons.
  10. You’re only eating out when there’s discounted specials happening.
  11. You’re becoming highly critical of spending money on anything and everything.
  12. You’re trading childhood beauty junk in for better, higher quality beauty junk (bye, Bath and Body Works!)
  13. You’re too lazy to wash your washcloths but worry about using loofahs (is there any bacteria in this?)
  14. You’re going to ignore the expiration date (if it’s just a month or so) of your over the counter meds because that stuff is too expensive to dump.
  15. Your new joy in life is hearing a new doctor is in-network with your insurance.
  16. Your other new joy in life is winning a battle over funds with your cell phone provider.
  17. You’re going to get tired of social gatherings and instead go to bed.
  18. You’re going to start hating all of the childhood snacks you’d eat regularly because they’re now too sugary, too syrupy, too artificial, etc. and just want to eat a damn apple.
  19. You’re going to start enjoying Lean Cuisines.
  20. You’re going to fake like you know what the hell you’re doing in life (even though you have no fucking clue what on Earth is happening and are just taking it day by day).

I was inspired to make this list because I experienced a new high in life: getting a $20 package of socks on sale for $12 for only $2.11 with a coupon I had. Then I realized: holy shit is this adulthood? I’m sure the list will continue to grow (I’m only 23, dude) but this was a fun little blurb I thought up. Figured I’d share!

I should have another #MusicMonday for you coming up, so stay tuned!

Love and Rockets,



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